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Get actionable steps to design an intentional brand, build a growing biz, and stay sane through it all? Head over to my blog to catch my weekly posts + super honest bits along the way (we keep it real around here!).

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My creative library is full of FREE design templates, branding worksheets, and other goodies to help you design and build your brilliant, killer brand. It’s bursting full of sheer awesomeness! Hold up… did I mention it was FREE?

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Want to learn all my secret sauces to business like growing an Instagram following + designing an authentic brand + becoming an empowered biz genius? Check out my current courses at BRAND LOVE ACADEMY.

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Want to get a behind the scenes peak at how I run my business? I’m sharing my favorite resources & information! Want to know what people/services I love + what equipment and subscriptions I use? You can find it all out here!

HI BOSS BABE! I’m Jessica!

I’m basically here to be your color obsessed, dance breakin’,
brand desigin’, business buildin’ partner-in-crime!

I work with fellow lady bosses to empower them to design a brand they absolutely LOVE. Creating an intentional brand that attracts your ideal clients while representing all your authentic awesomeness is how we do it around here. Plus, I’m doing a serious happy dance right now because you are here!

Jessica Safko | LOVE PLUS COLOR



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