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jessica safko

Hi I’m Jessica + the creator / girl behind L+C…

And I’m here to teach you how to build and grow an intentional brand / online space that will, 1. attract your most favorite, swoon-worthy customer and clients and, 2. that allows you to authentically and beautifully show up online. I’m all about creating pretty online spaces, but brand design goes waaaaay deeper than that. That’s exactly why I have created my business and this space for YOU to build a brand that you fall head-over-heels in LOVE with!

Believe me – I get it, fellow dream follower!

I left my corporate design job to figure out how I could follow my creative dream while living an abundant and full life. I know exactly what’s it’s like to have an intense, undeniable urge to follow creative dreams of freedom and deeper bliss. I’ve learned to hustle for the things that mattered and f*ck everything else. From this, I quickly knew my passion was to help fellow entrepreneurs like YOU to know how to venture out in the wild world of online entrepreneurship.

And I want to see you shine in total creative brilliance.

I’m basically just like your online business cheerleader of design, branding, photo styling, and all things Instagram. I’m here to take the headache out of branding and design because you totally deserve it! #NoMoreWebsiteShame 😉

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So are you wondering where to go from here?
Let’s get you off to a bangin’ start!

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Want to learn how to get clear on branding, get actionable steps to design an intentional brand, and build a growing biz? Head over to my blog to catch me weekly posts + super honest bits along the way.

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Want to learn all my secret sauces to growing an Instagram following + designing an authentic brand + more? Check out my current courses to learn and grow like the true lady boss that you are.

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My creative library is full of FREE design templates, branding worksheets and other goodies to help you design and build your killer brand. It’s super full of awesomness! Hold up… did I mention it was FREE?