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Finally, a design course specifically for creative entrepreneurs.

Imagine not having to depend on a designer when inspiration strikes or when you need to get something done… yesterday.
What if I told you that you didn’t need a designer in your back pocket in order to create beautiful graphics for your business?

Become empowered in your biz with my Adobe Illustrator Masterclass
created by a designer (me) so you don’t have to be one.

You can google it, or even take a generic e-Course on it, but with my Adobe Illustrator Masterclass
I teach you exactly what you need to know to design the materials that every online lady boss needs.


Are you ready to feel empowered by design in your biz?

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This e-course is for…

You will learn how to design your sidebar, post title graphics, and create an overall beautiful online home for your content.
You need an online space and brand design to match your stunning art. You’ll learn the tools to design graphics that let your art be the true star.
coaches and consultants
You need to design a brand that will attract your favorite clients. You can also use these tools to design your own fb ads and promo graphics.
You can learn to further manipulate your lettering and create beautiful graphics to match your stunning calligraphy.
You can add graphics over your brilliant photos and use the tools to design promo graphics to book more clients.


Krista Dickson from


“Jess’s Adobe Masterclass was exactly what I needed to take my blog and business to the next level. As someone with very little design background, I struggled to create graphics I could use to promote my business, and that was definitely holding back my growth.

After taking Jess’s class, I feel so much more confident in my design abilities, and have been able to create some gorgeous designs and images for my blog and business (that are actually getting compliments – crazy, right!)

I’m so thankful to Jess for putting this course together, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about Adobe Illustrator. Jess has an amazing and friendly teaching style, and made everything in the course so easy to understand. I would highly, highly recommend that every blogger and business owner take this course!”


Some important details about Adobe Illustrator Masterclass…

Once you enroll, you will have immediate access to the 1st module + all the bonuses.
You will get access to a new module every week!
Each module has 3-4 step-by-step video tutorials.
The course is delivered via my membership site.
You will receive a unique login when you enroll.
You can receive feedback from me via the forum in the course.
Once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to this course. YAY!

Investment to enroll: $197


Here’s exactly what’s covered in Adobe Illustrator Masterclass…

module 1Learn how to organize your Illustrator workspace
Know how to set-up files and artboards
Overview of all the tools you will need during the course

module 2Learn the ins and outs to creating vector graphics
Get familiar with the pen and paint tool
Know how to work the shape tool and pathfinder

module 3Learn all about formatting type in your graphics
Know how to manipulate fonts to add even more customization
Get a clear understanding of colors, swatches, and color libraries
Add texture cut-outs to your graphics or text (clipping masks)

module 4Learn exactly how to streamline your visual brand
How to design a logo and other graphics for your website
Learn how to create your own templates for all your marketing needs

module 5Learn how to prepare your files for print or web
Get a clear process to save your files the right way
Learn what goes into those final technical touches on your graphics

module 6Get access to a library of design templates for logos, website buttons,
and promo graphics that you can use and edit!
Get 5 of my styled stock photos to use on social media + your website!


Caroline White from
Caroline White Photography


“Jessica da the bomb dot com! I will without a doubt be recommending this course to ALL my clients and followers who need a little oomph in their brands and DIY-ness.

Jessica makes learning FUN and enjoyable. She has such great spirit, creativity, know-how, and sense of fun, magic and wonder. She has an almost kid-like positivity and enthusiasm that I find both soothing and exciting, but at the same exact time, a total PRO-ness and know-how-ness. It’s hard to imagine anyone being at all disappointed by her courses, creations and inspiration, and it’s clear that she is working in her zone of genius.

Stuff that I usually find hard to wrap my brain around, Jessica understands and navigates with ease and joy. I think the world is lucky to have her as an educator. I think we need more educators like her.”



Why is using Adobe Illustrator important?

Adobe Illustrator creates vector graphics which cannot be created in other online programs. This means your graphics are sharper and you will have more flexibility with changes and customization. These other programs are great, but if you want to take your brand graphics to the next level, Adobe Illustrator will allow you to take limitless creative control of your graphics. You can format and manipulate text in Illustrator which you cannot do elsewhere. Basically, all the limits you have in these programs are gone when you use Illustrator.

Will I receive support and feedback
from you during this course?

Yes! You will receive support and feedback via the comment forum in the course membership site. If you have a question, you will have the opportunity to ask it in the comments section to each corresponding video and I will answer your questions there. I want to make sure you know exactly how to master this program to make your brand graphics beautiful and offer you the all the guidance you need to do so!

How is the content delivered?

A new module will be released each week so you have an entire week to master each part of the course. Although, you can take this course at your own pace. It will always be available to you… unless there’s a zombie apolycase! 😉 The course is delivered via video tutorials with worksheets and workbooks.

Do I get lifetime access to this course?

Yes! Of course! Once you enroll, you’ll have access to this course so you can reference this whenever you need. You will also have access to all updates. I do have to mention that the price of this course will continue to increase as more and more content is added so be sure to jump on it now!

Have any further questions about enrolling in this course? Contact us here!


Are you ready to feel empowered by design in your biz?

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