Do you ever stare at your never-ending to-do list and would rather hang out with good ol’ Ben & Jerry’s instead? Better yet, would you rather watch another episode/season of Real Housewives of New York City? Or go meet friends for happy hour when a deadline is hanging over your head? Yea it happens to the best of us.

Here’s the good news – there’s nothing wrong with you. Becoming your own boss takes discipline and that’s something that can be learned – with ice cream or no ice cream. Let’s be real, life without ice cream is just no fun. We can have it all.

Here you are going to learn a combination of how to get some major shit done plus practice some big self-love while doing it. I’m going to share some ways you can still be that free-spirited creative business owner while channeling your inner Anna Wintour.

In my own business, I have learned ways to balance my authentic, free-spirited self with a side of massive productivity to launch products and get client work done on time and done well. It’s taken some practice and self-discovery to land in a place that feels good. I have always been the world’s worst employee, the thought of a set schedule makes me want to vomit and break out in hives, and when someone gives me a rule to follow then I’ve already thought of 10 ways that I can break it just for the sake of being rebellious.

Can you resonate with this? I’m guessing that you probably can because you came here to learn how to get more shit done. YAY! First off, welcome to the free-spirited entrepreneur club. It’s so good to have ya here. Now let’s jump into 4 ways you can more stuff done without compromising the best parts of yourself.

How To Get Shit Done In Your Business | LOVE PLUS COLOR

Take out the trash aka your sabotages

Ugh, I hate taking out the trash! I’m one of those awful people who packs the trash so full in hopes that it will take itself out. But you know that feeling when you finally take it out and your space feels fresh, clear, and you get a sudden rush of inspiration? Well, same goes for those dirty sabotages that keep us from getting our shit done.

Often times we subconsciously create roadblocks for ourselves because our brain thinks it is protecting us. These sabotages we create can be “protecting” us from social rejection, fear of being seen or vulnerable, or maybe even something irrational we’ve picked up along our life experience thus far.

The best part about all of this is that by acknowledging these sabotages you can release them and be on your way to becoming a productive genius in your business. We sometimes pick up baggage or patterns along the way because it was good for us at the time we picked it up and made it part of our routine. If you don’t want to repeat your “not getting shit done” history then acknowledging that it is even there is the 1st step.

Here’s the best way to take out your sabotages like you take out the trash 😉

Go within and ask yourself why isn’t _____ getting done. For example, is it taking forever to get your website up, new video uploaded, or E-course created? When you first start asking yourself why, your answer may come out as superficial. For example, you may say “I’m not getting my course done because I don’t have enough time.” Go deeper… why do you think you don’t enough time? Is it because you are scared to put your ideas out into the world? Are you fearful that you won’t be able to handle the success of your new E-course or you’ll actually start getting seen by your audience?

Start by writing down all the reasons why ______ isn’t getting done? When you run out of reasons, keep going because that means you are getting closer into what is really holding you back. Dig deeper and deeper!

Now that you have those sabotages acknowledged, I want you to thank them. I know it sounds crazy but thank them for protecting you. Send them love and compassion like you would a little kid. When you hold on to the negativity those sabotages brought you, it’s like holding on that awful ex-boyfriend. Let them both go with love and send them on their sweet way. You can repeat this “acknowledge, thank, and release” cycle over and over until you feel cleared and ready to sit down and get that shit done, love. I’m here cheering you on every step of the way.

Trick your brain with micro goals

Often times, the reason we don’t get our shit done is because our larger goal of that big month or year long project seems extremely overwhelming. Where do we even start with it all? It’s hard to even comprehend having it finished because you don’t have clear steps on how to even get to that point.

I want to introduce you to one of my productivity secrets and that is micro goals. Micro goals meet my lovely friend here. You’re going to be the best of friends, I can feel it already.

Do you like crossing things off a list? I absolutely love it and there is always a blast of extreme joy and satisfaction I get from picking up my pen and crossing off a task. Maybe for you it is checking it off in an online program like asana or basecamp. Whatever it is write down/type your to-do list, but break it down into tiny, micro goals or tasks that make up the larger task that you may be listing as just one.

This helps your brain comprehend your bigger picture goal, project, or task. You need to reward yourself for the tiny steps you take to getting your bigger shit done. A little reward is crossing something off your to-do list but you can also reward yourself with a walk, dance break, or whatever else floats your boat.

Let’s take writing a blog post as an example. You can write on your to-do list – “write blog post” or you can break it down into fun, quick steps. So let’s break it down… You can list – create blog post title image, outline post, break it down in paragraphs/sections if you want, edit post, read through post 2 times out loud, create promotional graphics, share on social media, etc. Now you have a longer list, but things you can cross off with more ease.

This is the secret to me getting anything done. Try it right now and cross off reading this blog post while you are at it 😉

Balance the masculine and feminine energy

Maybe this sounds a little silly to you but this concept has helped me have a deeper understanding of myself and how I can utilize that to continue to grow my business in a way that feels good. I first learned this concept when I read a book about relationships, but it perfectly relates to the way we can run our businesses.

No matter your gender, it is possible to have more masculine or more feminine energy that dominates the way you approach your tasks. Neither are right or wrong, but having a balance in your business will work in your favor. Actually, having both sides of yourself work together is essential.

Masculine energy in business is about sticking religiously to deadlines, having clear and construct systems in place, having a strategic plan of action. Feminine energy in business is about going with flow of what feels good, surrendering, everything and all things creative. Naturally, we can have one side more dominant than the other. I tend to go lean strongly towards the feminine. Which one do you naturally lean towards?

Here’s why understanding this is essential to getting your shit done. Balancing your extreme feminine energy with “get it done” masculine energy will help guide you towards more productivity. But if you get too into your masculine energy you may get burned out and not enjoy what you are doing. The “go with flow” feminine energy is what opens you up to abundance, surrender, and creativity. Merging the two is the perfect recipe for getting shit done while feeling authentically fabulous with it all.

To balance our masculine and feminine energy, we can consciously input more of the opposite qualities we need or find systems, programs, tasks, or people who can add that into our businesses. You can hire a team member who balances out your dominant side, you can join a program or course that teaches you how to channel a more masculine or feminine energy in your business. Whenever I cross something huge off my to-do list, I usually reward myself with a dance break to channel my feminine side. Try it!

How To Get Shit Done In Your Business | LOVE PLUS COLOR

Girrrrl… Maybe you don’t want to do it anyways

Yep, just stating the obvious. But seriously, maybe what you want to get done isn’t getting done because you don’t even want to do it to begin with.

Obviously there are things we must do that aren’t always our favorite and I’ll get to that in a bit but, for now I am talking about things you say yes to that you thoroughly don’t enjoy doing. And you wonder why they aren’t getting done? Well duh, you don’t have any fun doing it.

Maybe you hate using a certain social media platform so you never get around to posting there, or you hate putting out blog posts every week, or you hate showing up for your weekly calls with a business friend that is no longer on the same page as you? Don’t force yourself to do shit you don’t want to do. Stop saying yes and adding things to your to-do list that make you cringe. You are in control of your own life and give yourself permission to let go of the guilt around not doing something you actually don’t enjoy.

Ok, ok, I get it there are some things we haveeeeee to do that we don’t enjoy doing like picking up dog poo, going to the DMV, or doing our taxes. But here are our 3 options – we do them, get someone else to do them, or don’t do them. Simple, huh?

So if we absolutely have to do something (like picking up dog poo) then we can add some positivity into that. Wondering how I can make picking up dog poo positive? Well, when you pick up your dog’s poo you can be grateful that you care about your neighborhood and neighbors so much that are picking up the poo to make the place a more beautiful space for yourself and everyone else.

You can relate this to things you have to do in your business. If you hate invoicing/billing but you have to do it and can’t outsource it just yet, then start thinking of how amazing it is that you are creating a way to get paid by your lovely clients. Put gratitude into the process and rewire your thinking of a monotonous task into a yay it’s pay day mentality.

Stop saying yes to shit you hate, add a sprinkle of gratitude into what you have to do, and get on with your productive, ice cream eatin’, bad self. Look at you, you’re already rocking it!

How To Get Shit Done In Your Business | LOVE PLUS COLOR

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  • Thank you! I’m so happy to hear that, Ash! I also love doing Kundalini exercises, so amazing for balancing everything and anything for me too. I’m excited for you to do the sabotage exercise, let me know how it goes for you. <3 xo

  • Ash

    As a very spiritual person, I really liked this reminder to encorporate The masculine and feminine into my business/blog experience. I use Kundalini energy everywhere else, why not add this into my productivity vibrations? Genius. Also will try out the sabotage exercise later today because i’ve been putting off my ecourse for awhile now and I need to get shit done. Thanks for the inspiration ♥