Morocco was a vibrant adventure, enlightening teacher, and captivating experience like no other. I learned a lot about myself and what it feels like to be in a completely unfamiliar culture. It was the place that started my journey as I travel the world as a digital nomadic lady boss.

It’s been almost 2 months since I left the US behind to travel the world. If you want to read up on why I decided to take this journey, read here.

It’s strange to look back and think that only 2 months ago I had a permanent address, I was able to cuddle my dog, and I could go visit my friends and family pretty much anytime. But leaving all of this behind is worth it for me.

This lifestyle is so full of adventure, color, and beauty that I do often forget how hard it was to leave.

Morocco is filled with many hidden gems so discovering all of it in just one month was near to impossible. Every city and place I visited felt like an entirely new country. Each new city having its own personality and tradition. It was far from a dull experience and I’m excited to take you along the journey.

The moment I stepped off the plane in Morocco I knew I was about to be gracefully ripped out of my comfort zone into a colorful, mystical place.

I was also aware that Morocco would be a challenging transition into this nomadic lifestyle. I actually had my first mini meltdown as I got off the plane because I couldn’t find the people I was supposed to meet for 30 minutes + my wifi wasn’t working so I may or may not have wanted to get back on the plane to go back home. Yeah I know, I can get a bit dramatic at times.

IMG_2191 copy

I realized that you can read about a new place over and over, but until you immerse yourself inside of it, you never know how it’s going to affect you personally, emotionally, and spiritually. Morocco is a place you can experience ultimate sensory overload – stretching your sensory muscles beyond their beautiful limits.

Morocco is bursting with different scents of food + spices, vibrant colors + intricate patterns, bustling people, sounds of the chaotic traffic, and a bit of alluring disorder everywhere you go.

I honestly have never visited a place that was so unlike my own culture and comfort zone. This actually made me a little nervous to start my trip and new life here. Looking back, I knew it was the perfect place to begin my journey as it was a shock to my system (in all the good + uneasy ways). There were times of absolute bliss and some pretty challenging times as well.

This entire experience also made me grow closer to people who were once strangers just a short time ago. I am traveling with a group of other entrepreneurs and remote workers. Being placed in a challenging yet amazing adventure together really builds closer relationships than you would in any “normal” environment. We have all left our closest support systems, so naturally we recreate them within the group.


So let’s go on this journey together. I’m going to share my world wanderer lessons that I have learned in Morocco (the newbie digital nomad life) as well as what you should do if you ever choose to wander to North Africa… because I totally recommend it!

World Wanderer Lesson #1 – It’s ok to not know where you’re going.

There are two parts to this one – getting physically lost and not knowing where to go next in your life or business. Do you ever feel this way? Does it stress you out like whoa!? Yea, it used to stress me out like crazy too.

I’m first going to cover being physically lost. Being in a new country and naturally having no sense of direction is a super interesting combination. When I first arrived in Morocco, I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere alone because I would never know how to make it back to my apartment or co-work space. I wanted to have adventures out on my own so I had to quickly learn how to navigate my way through the city.


I realized that I always depend on other people to lead me to where I’m going – figuratively and literally and I knew I wanted out of this bad habit. I also realized that it’s ok to get lost because when you do you can discover truly astonishing places + things. Yes of course, it can be frustrating wandering around desperately trying to find your way back to wherever you need to be.

But the times I got lost in Morocco were the times where I had moments of absolute delight and deeper discovery within myself.

This leads me to the next part of this. I learned how to truly be ok with not knowing where I am going next. As I adapt to this new nomadic lifestyle, I realize that my business is transforming itself into something that is more aligned with my authentic self.

Part of that is that I’m saying no to some opportunities that I usually say yes to and vice versa. At first, it was scary, but once I really started trusting that I would be led into the right places I let go of the constant struggle of the unknown. The great unknown can be an exhilarating and freeing friend.

World Wanderer Lesson #2 – Everyone has an inner warrior inside of them.

There were times during the month where I felt frustrated, extremely hot, hangry and that made me realized how much I can truly stand. aka how badass I can actually be.

I got on a train back to Rabat from Marrakech (4 hours) and there was no air conditioner in 100-degree heat. To say I was sweating would be a serious understatement. It was like my pores opened up and every ounce of water I drank that day was flooding out… gross, I know! And everyone around me was in the same sweaty dilemma. “Hey sweaty man next to me – want to cuddle?” šŸ˜‚

I thought I can sit here, cry and sweat in misery or I can pull out my inner warrior and deal with it because no matter what I do, I’ll continue to stay a hot, sweaty mess. Should I choose to have an extremely horrific time or can I use this as a teachable moment? I went with a teachable moment worthy of a warrior princess.

My friends and I all joked that Morocco turned us into warrior princesses, but it was true in all senses. You really don’t know how strong you are until you are really faced with some uncomfortable (or f*cking hot, disagreeable) times!

Next time you think you can’t make it through something, I want you to know you have a warrior princess inside of you… pull out that inner goddess, girl!


World Wanderer Lesson #3 – If you are open and listening, everyone has something to teach you.

Naturally, when you travel you meet new people every day. I’ve met other travelers, locals, and I’m also traveling with a group other entrepreneurs which takes the lonely edge off a bit.

Before my month in Morocco, I was not a huge fan of talking to strangers and I probably wouldn’t have talked to someone unless they started talking to me. Also depending on my mood, I may or may not have given them some good conversational flow.

Now I am breaking habits and consciously trying to transform and grow every single day. I learned that if we get out of our own heads, there are so many teachers around us. These teachers can come in all forms – a random person at the market, someone working beside you at a co-work space, or your neighbor you see every day but don’t ever talk to. These people have stories, thoughts, and crazy epic ideas to share with us. I stopped getting caught up in my own world and listened to what other’s had to say.

No matter what – when you travel, it will always be a learning experience. You are in control of that how much you expand along your journey.

I met some of the most amazing people during my time in Morocco. Stories I’ll keep with me forever. Keep your eyes and ears open, always šŸ™‚



I was based in Rabat, but every weekend I traveled around and discovered all Morocco had to offer. My ultimate favorite place to stay was in Fes. We stayed in a couple airbnb’s as well.

Palais Faraj – We stayed one night here and I felt like I was a princess living in a Moroccan fairytale. Clearly, I’m a big color and design enthusiast so once I stepped into this place I could immediately sense there was so much love put into every corner and detail of this place. The food, the peaceful atmosphere, and spa was heavenly. Be sure to make your way here if you are in Fes… even if it’s just for drink and good meal.

Unknown-3 photo by: visual feels


Ok, I’m going to be really honest with you. I didn’t know I was a picky eater until I lived in Morocco. Most of the time, I preferred to eat bread over whatever was in front of me because I wasn’t super impressed. I also preferred to cook instead of go out because I would get disappointed with most meals. There were some great markets around to buy fresh produce and make yourself a feast so be prepared to do that if you want to eat well.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have some AMAZING meals but it was few and far between. I think I really, really appreciated them because of this. But hey, that’s what I’m here for – to guide you to some of the most incredible places to get your grub on in Morocco. Here are 3 of my absolute favorites. I traveled quite a bit so these places are spread out along the entire country.

IMG_2017 copy

Lā€™ Amandier – This restaurant was in the hotel I staying in Fes. I was in desperate need of a delicious meal and this place fulfilled all my food dreams. We ate the most amazing Moroccan starters and salads, followed by delicious couscous (it’s a Friday tradition in Morocco), and the most delectable dessert of pastry topped ice cream with strawberry sauce from heaven. But wait… it gets better because you can enjoy all of this with the most stunning view of the magical Fes medina maze.


Cafe Clock – We became such fans of this place that we visited both locations – in Fes and Marrakech. The food is AMAZING, but it’s also an entire experience here with live music, art, and you can get henna from some talented local ladies. We went here for our friend’s birthday and we got to dance to Moroccan music and eat delicious cake. Best. Day. Ever.

Dar Naji – We had our very first meal here. It’s a beautiful atmosphere and the food is DELICIOUS! I could basically live on the salad here. I did come back to eat here a lot. It’s fun to come here on Friday’s for a traditional couscous lunch.


I do have to say the Moroccan tea tradition is something I can totally get on board with. Tea with almost every meal and late night with friends was some of the most memorable moments in Morocco.


aka fun things to do šŸ˜‰


Lafrik Tours – My ultimate favorite experience of the entire month spent in Morocco was a tour I took into the Sahara desert. It started in Marrakech and we made our way through the mountains, the gorges, and then into the most magical and hidden places in all of Morocco.

If discovering hidden gems of a country is what you’re into, then I highly, highly recommend taking a tour with them. They put so much heart into showing us around their gorgeous country. You’ll see things, eat food, and go to places you could never find on your own.


Fes Medina – There are medinas everywhere in Morocco – all having unique personalities and quirks. Honestly, most of them stressed me out. The crowds, the locals trying to guide you everywhere (even if you don’t want that), and the absolute chaos. After visiting 2 medinas (one in Rabat and Marrakech) I thought I was done… but the medina in Fes was totally worth a visit. It is overwhelming and about 20 people will follow you to “guide” you to the best spots, but if you wander along you will see beautiful places, maybe meet some other travelers, and then hopefully winding up loving the fact that you are lost. You will 100% get lost and it’s part of the magic.


There was a moment when we went out into the desert. I looked up and saw more stars than I ever have in my whole life. It was one of those moments where time stops and you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. We are creators of our own reality and right now, I’m thankful this is mine.

Don’t forget to follow along my adventures via Instagram.

Next stop -> Berlin! <3

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  • How fun you were there in 2013, it’s such a magical place! I didn’t get a chance to make it to Chefchaouen, but next time for sure šŸ™‚

  • Linda

    This brought back great memories of when I was there in 2013. I could smell the food, the air and see the color. Was that first photo in Chefchaouen?

  • Aw thank you so much, Wendy! I can’t wait to share about Berlin too. It’s my new favorite city… ever!

  • Gosh, Jessica, I loved reading about your experiences in Morocco and the lessons you learned along the way! Can’t wait for the next post about Berlin šŸ™‚