Freelance Design Freedom Ebook + Workbook


Are you an aspiring or new freelance designer? Or want to take your design business to the next level? This 60-page ebook and workbook is for freedom seeking design bosses like you to get your business up and running, make more income, and conquer your freedom mindset like a pro.

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Want to build your freelance design business + maintain your glorious freedom? I have built and grown my own successful freelance design business from the ground up and I’m sharing all my knowledge with you. I have put together everything that I’ve learned to set you up for ultimate success and freedom.

This is 1 part ebook, 1 part workbook which means after you read the material you can go through worksheets + exercises like a micro goal sheet, content planner, releasing your client and money sabotages worksheet, client experience, and package brainstorming, branding your business worksheet, and a personal boundary setting contract with yourself. 60 pages of freelancing freedom badassery!

I’m covering it all from setting up the logistics of your brilliant business to mastering your freedom mindset to set you up to run a successful business while feeling good (and not getting burned out) while you are doing it.

I would have given my right leg (ok, maybe not but you get it) to have information like this when I first launched my freelance business. I paved the way for you so you can learn from my mistakes, hone in on what truly worked, and super speed to gaining your freedom back by making the income you were meant to make in your design business. I am here to walk you through all of it.

Here’s exactly what is covered in this 60 page ebook + workbook…

  • CHAPTER 1 – The magic of freelance freedom and transitioning
  • CHAPTER 2 – How to brand yourself as a freelance designer/total genius
  • CHAPTER 3 – 3 things you must have (website, boundaries, client contracts)
  • CHAPTER 4 – Packages, pricing, client experience… OH MY!
  • CHAPTER 5 – Clients, self-promotion, and epic content
  • CHAPTER 6 – Social media

Are you ready to dive into that sweet freelancing life of freedom?

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